Monday, July 15, 2013

Mini PacSun/Walmart Haul

Hello Lovelies
It's summer and I desperately needed a new bathing suit. Despite my attempts at JC Pennies, Khols, Bells, and even Walmart, I couldn't even find one worthy enough to try on. So after getting pretty pissed off, my boyfriend (Robert) took me to the mall so I could try my luck at PacSun which really was the last place I wanted to go because well, I usually get quite depressed while shopping there. Everything is so cute and I am so poor. However, this is where my luck kicked in.
Now, what I was looking for was one of those funky one piece cut out suits. I had success in finding one there, however even though it has more material, it's in all the wrong places. (It was super skanky looking) So I gave up on that. And after trying on a million different suits I finally was satisfied with this:

 I'm recently super obsessed with anything mint colored, so I was instantly attracted to this top and I think the fringe is a cute little detail. I'm tired of the usual "I'm 13 and I'm wearing a push up bra to the beach" look that I can't help but see everywhere. I also think it would double nicely as a dance top. I couldn't find matching bottoms, however I did find these pink polka dotted ones that I think go pretty nicely. The top was $24.99 and the bottoms were a pleasantly shocking $9.99, and bathing suits were buy one get one 1/2 off. That's my kind of purchase.

But of course, since I was in PacSun, I couldn't just leave without looking through everything else (and only buying things from the sales rack) so this is what I came up with:

You can't go wrong with a crop top, right? These I found in the sales rack and they were both $16.99 but everything on sale was buy one get one free! Bonus~ I love the back detail on the first top, and the second one is just a basic I've been needing. I think it'll go well with my cotton candy UNIF shorts. 

Now I only picked up one thing at Walmart but it was too perfect and adorable not to share. (Surprising, right?)

 These friggin' overalls are the cutest, most comfortable pair I have found. I snatched up the last small and tried them on. Even though they run rather big (you can see my underwear if I move the right way) I had to get them because c'mon, they were $15. You can't really beat that. Also, my mom is awesome and can fix these too big problems. If you've been looking for a cheap pair of overalls, I definitely recommend these.

That's all for now!
Muah! Melinda Shay

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