Monday, July 15, 2013

Mini PacSun/Walmart Haul

Hello Lovelies
It's summer and I desperately needed a new bathing suit. Despite my attempts at JC Pennies, Khols, Bells, and even Walmart, I couldn't even find one worthy enough to try on. So after getting pretty pissed off, my boyfriend (Robert) took me to the mall so I could try my luck at PacSun which really was the last place I wanted to go because well, I usually get quite depressed while shopping there. Everything is so cute and I am so poor. However, this is where my luck kicked in.
Now, what I was looking for was one of those funky one piece cut out suits. I had success in finding one there, however even though it has more material, it's in all the wrong places. (It was super skanky looking) So I gave up on that. And after trying on a million different suits I finally was satisfied with this:

 I'm recently super obsessed with anything mint colored, so I was instantly attracted to this top and I think the fringe is a cute little detail. I'm tired of the usual "I'm 13 and I'm wearing a push up bra to the beach" look that I can't help but see everywhere. I also think it would double nicely as a dance top. I couldn't find matching bottoms, however I did find these pink polka dotted ones that I think go pretty nicely. The top was $24.99 and the bottoms were a pleasantly shocking $9.99, and bathing suits were buy one get one 1/2 off. That's my kind of purchase.

But of course, since I was in PacSun, I couldn't just leave without looking through everything else (and only buying things from the sales rack) so this is what I came up with:

You can't go wrong with a crop top, right? These I found in the sales rack and they were both $16.99 but everything on sale was buy one get one free! Bonus~ I love the back detail on the first top, and the second one is just a basic I've been needing. I think it'll go well with my cotton candy UNIF shorts. 

Now I only picked up one thing at Walmart but it was too perfect and adorable not to share. (Surprising, right?)

 These friggin' overalls are the cutest, most comfortable pair I have found. I snatched up the last small and tried them on. Even though they run rather big (you can see my underwear if I move the right way) I had to get them because c'mon, they were $15. You can't really beat that. Also, my mom is awesome and can fix these too big problems. If you've been looking for a cheap pair of overalls, I definitely recommend these.

That's all for now!
Muah! Melinda Shay

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Cotton Candy Mermaid Lookbook

Hello fellow humans!
Guess what came in the mail today?! You guessed it, my Guess What Cotton Candy shorts. (God that was a repetitive train wreck) Holy everything that is life, these shorts have successfully made my week. I was having an awful day trying to get that dreaded color out of my hair until this lovely little package came and filled my insides with cotton candy goodness. But really though, I grabbed the package, ran to my room, threw them on, and never took them off. 
I absolutely love these shorts. I saw them in this video from grav3yardgirl and instantly decided I needed to have them. Plus, they were on sale so how could I not? The only thing I have to get used to is the decent amount of buttcheek that likes to hang out of them, especially on the right side.(I pulled them down as much as possible in the picture) It's like UNIF knows my right buttcheek is bigger than my left. 
I was super nervous about buying shorts online because I wasn't sure if they would fit, and there was only one size left when I went to buy them so I crossed my fingers, and oh my lanta they fit like a darn glove. Like really, they couldn't be any more perfect.

They also make me feel like I'm a cotton candy mermaid. I think these black season-less tights are going to be a new staple in my wardrobe.

That's all for now loves!
Muah! Melinda Shay

Friday, July 5, 2013

Unicorn Inspired Hair FAIL!

Hello Lovelies!

I have recently been inspired by the most lovely Helen Melon (you may know her as Helen Melonlady) to dye the ends of my ombre hair lavender and a light turquoise. Helen recently dyed her hair like a unicorn! And I absolutely loved it. So today I stopped by Sally's and picked up ion color brilliance's lavender and turquoise and I can't wait to get started! 

After watching this lovely tutorial/walk through video from Helen on how she got her gorgeous unicorn hair, I got some helpful tips on how to go about doing my own. I completely recommend you to watch the video by clicking on the picture right here:

Isn't she lovely? I plan on diluting the turquoise color a bit to make it a bit more pastel and just like Helen says, I plan to do that by mixing a bit of it with a silicone-free conditioner. Instead of doing random bits like Helen's, I plan to section my hair into three layers, leaving some of my blonde and do bottom lavender, middle nothing and keep the blonde, then top turquoise. 

~Many hours and one drastic mood change later:

Oh boy was I wrong about all of this. After going through with the whole process, I realized that I am not a blonde and doing pastel colors on someone with darker hair is going to have a completely different feel to it. I completely admire Helen's hair because it's all bright and silvery and pastel and beautifully feminine. Well, mixing these colors with my faded auburn brown hair, it gave off a different feel entirely. I felt like I should be back in 7th grade listening to my Scary Kids Scaring Kids CD. 
Some pictures of my journey:

 This was my hair before this experience. I WANT IT BACK! Grr. Now, originally I was going to get a toner to get rid of all of that orange in my hair because I figured the blonder it is, the better the color will take. However the lady at Sally's disagreed, so I assumed she had quite a bit of hair knowledge and took her advice. I went ahead and got my colors together, mixed 'em up, sectioned off my hair, and got to work. I started with the lavender and it didn't stain my hands, so I figured I'd be fine the entire time until:
(If you don't like your hands to change color, wear some gloves when using Ion Color Brilliance Turquoise.) Then I waited a full 45 minutes before rinsing it out, and this is what came out as the final result:

Sure, the colors came out mostly pretty well, and I know it's nothing terrible, but it's also nothing close to what I was picturing in my head. Sometimes I've just got all of these great expectations and my mind says "Of course it'll be great! Why wouldn't it be?!" and then when it's not, I'm extremely let down. Maybe I should do something about that...
Anyway! That was my experience and you better bet I'll be scrubbing my ends with head and shoulders and whatever other tricks the lovely world of YouTube is willing to offer me. 
That's all for now!

Thanks for reading loves
Muah! Melinda Shay

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July Wishlist!

1. Bumble& Bumble surf spray $31.94 - It's the summer and I've been looking for a product that will help me not use so much heat on my hair and I've heard great things about this product. It's supposed to give you beachy textured waves which are perfect for summer. It seems quite pricey for me, but maybe I can scout for a drugstore brand that has the same effect.
2. Urban Decay Naked Pallet $57  - Because every beauty guru should have one, right?
3. Village Naturals Bath Bombs $5.50 - Baths are my thing lately, and I've yet to try a bath bomb! These specific ones come in Lavender, Vanilla, and White Tea. 
4. Jeffrey Campbell Skeleton Platform Sneakers $49.00 - Sale! Oh my gosh, I might just have to give in and buy these. 47% off, holy cow. I've been recently obsessing over Jeffrey Campbell's and I can't stop looking at this pair. I've never had platform sneakers before, and I'd love to get my hands on these and figure out different ways to style them.
5. Jeffrey Campbell Cosmic Litas $162 -  Unnnnf. I just. I just can't even handle these shoes and my desire for them. From all the reviews I've seen, they're worth the price, but I honestly don't have the money just yet for them. I should make a jar "For my future pair of Litas". Yeah, that's happening. 

Muah! Melinda Shay

Everyday Coconut

So I recently took a trip to my local health foods store, Ada's, and found these lovely gems. I have been looking for a new facial cleanser and everything (especially the fancy organic kind) always seems to be ridiculously expensive. However, they have recently put this brand on the shelves and I'm in love. Everyday Coconut is so fantastic and at about $8 a bottle, I definitely dig it. I use the facial wash, daily face lotion, and the night face cream. I've yet to purchase the face toner because I'm currently using the Simple brand, but as soon as I'm out of that one I'm sure I'll be on to this one. 

The face wash is very gentle, with no harsh ingredients and no synthetic fragrances. I know I get a little overwhelmed by the scent of some facial washes, but this one has a very subtle scent and after looking at the ingredients, I see it has lavender oil which is one of my favorite scents. Very soothing and calming. 

The daily lotion has a SPF of 15 and has about the same scent as the facial wash. I find that I have to apply it after washing my face, wait until it dries, and then apply another thin layer because one doesn't seem to be enough to moisturize my skin. I personally have a couple of patches of skin especially around my mouth and nose that are drier than other parts of my face. 

The night cream, however, is very moisturizing. It has a slightly stronger scent than the other products, but once it dries, the scent fades and becomes very pleasant. I love love love these moisturizers especially because I've heard that virgin coconut oil (which each contain, along with coconut water) is great for keeping skin healthy and young looking. 

Now, these products don't have any acne controlling ingredients which is a slight downfall for me because I do suffer from acne, however when I use it in addition to my baking soda/water mixture it seems to do the trick! So if you're looking for a new facial wash or even just a moisturizer, I definitely recommend these.

Muah! Melinda

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hello fellow humans! 
This was my facial reaction to the fact that my amazingly lovely new camera (Canon 60D) works with the remote that I bought! Holy lord, I am so unbelievably happy with this upgrade. And to think, I had been using a Canon Rebel xsi for sooo long. 

Now, I'm new to this whole blogging thing so please don't judge me just yet! This will be my fashion/beauty blog for people on a budget. There will be lots of thrifting adventures, drugstore hauls, and monthly favorites. Maybe even some tutorials. Y'know, the usual. I've recently been really inspired by Bunny (grav3yardgirl) okay, maybe obsessed is a better word. But holy poop she's a fantastic human being, and she's made me want to start this whole thing even more. I'll (hopefully soon) be starting a youtube channel to go along with this but expect daily posts from me here!

Muah! Melinda Shay