Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Everyday Coconut

So I recently took a trip to my local health foods store, Ada's, and found these lovely gems. I have been looking for a new facial cleanser and everything (especially the fancy organic kind) always seems to be ridiculously expensive. However, they have recently put this brand on the shelves and I'm in love. Everyday Coconut is so fantastic and at about $8 a bottle, I definitely dig it. I use the facial wash, daily face lotion, and the night face cream. I've yet to purchase the face toner because I'm currently using the Simple brand, but as soon as I'm out of that one I'm sure I'll be on to this one. 

The face wash is very gentle, with no harsh ingredients and no synthetic fragrances. I know I get a little overwhelmed by the scent of some facial washes, but this one has a very subtle scent and after looking at the ingredients, I see it has lavender oil which is one of my favorite scents. Very soothing and calming. 

The daily lotion has a SPF of 15 and has about the same scent as the facial wash. I find that I have to apply it after washing my face, wait until it dries, and then apply another thin layer because one doesn't seem to be enough to moisturize my skin. I personally have a couple of patches of skin especially around my mouth and nose that are drier than other parts of my face. 

The night cream, however, is very moisturizing. It has a slightly stronger scent than the other products, but once it dries, the scent fades and becomes very pleasant. I love love love these moisturizers especially because I've heard that virgin coconut oil (which each contain, along with coconut water) is great for keeping skin healthy and young looking. 

Now, these products don't have any acne controlling ingredients which is a slight downfall for me because I do suffer from acne, however when I use it in addition to my baking soda/water mixture it seems to do the trick! So if you're looking for a new facial wash or even just a moisturizer, I definitely recommend these.

Muah! Melinda

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